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I made my way to the UK from Lebanon to pursue higher studies in Physics and Astrophysics. Alongside the equations and formulas, there is a long-lasting passionfor music. My musical journey started with weekly piano lessons as a child. Those weekly rendezvous with my piano teacher became an integralpart of my life. I also found my groove with the drums, which really helped me discover my rhythm. I have played several gigs back home with a band, in one of which we were featured on Virgin Radio.

I also attended a jazz musicianship program in 2019, where I connected with so many amazing musicians from around the world and learned valuable improvisation and ensemble playing skills.

My journey with both the piano and the drums has gifted me with a deeper understanding of rhythm and melody. For me, music is a perfect getaway from stress and tension. I hope to ignite that same passion within anyone who would like to start their musical journey, specifically through the piano. I’m all about seeing my students light up with excitement before their piano lessons. Together, we’ll nurture their growth and uncover the amazing things they can achieve when they’re determined to do something they will grow to love.

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