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Which musical path will you take?

We want to offer the best quality lessons possible to our students. With that in mind, we’ve cherry-picked some of the top teachers from around London, that aren’t only great players, but fantastic people to boot.

All of our lessons are bespoke to the student, no matter which instrument you choose. And contrary to popular belief, you are never too old (or young, for that matter) to pick up an instrument for the first time. So stop thinking it. Stop it!

So what will we learn in the lessons I hear you ask… Well without further ado, let’s dig in a little deeper and find out.

Just take your pick from the choices below and we shall reveal all.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar & Bass

We have some of the best guitar and bass teachers around to guide you on your journey, whether you’re trying to further your skills or a complete beginner, we’ve got your back.

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Drum Lessons


Who doesn’t love the drums? What an instrument to play! We made our name in drums, can you tell? Find out more about this wonderful instrument and how we teach it here.

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Percussion Lessons


The broadest instrument there is. There really are no limits. Anything can be a percussion instrument, you just have to hit it. Learn how to do that and make some music along the way.

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Piano Lessons


Fancy giving those ivories a tinkle? Our piano lessons are structured to get beginners up and running quick sharp. All whilst having fun and learning some key music theory along the way.

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Singing lessons


Yes, the voice is an instrument. Honest! Learn how to use your voice as the best instrument it can be and take your singing further than just you in the shower.

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Kind words from our current students...




Having learnt how to play the drums as a teenager and after many years without playing, I started having lessons with Anna. With her amazing technique and didactics, she has inspired me to take on the challenge to return to drumming. I have not only achieved a great come back but I feel I am constantly learning and improving my skills. Thank you very much Anna for the fun lessons and Lauren for organising them!
Maya Testimonial



I’ve improved my guitar techniques, rhythm and picking; but not only that, I’ve gotten a better understanding of my instrument by learning to sight-read and discussing its history with my teacher

I’ve really enjoyed my lessons since I had the freedom to choose the type of music that I want to play and learning how to play those songs.


Celine Matar | Drums & Piano

Lauren Kosty - Drums and Percussion
I made my way to the UK from Lebanon to pursue higher studies in Physics and Astrophysics. Alongside the equations and formulas, there is a long-lasting passionfor music. My musical journey started with weekly piano lessons as a child.

Those weekly rendezvous with my piano teacher became an integralpart of my life. I also found my groove with the drums, which really helped me discover my rhythm. I have played several gigs back home with a band, in one of which we were featured on Virgin Radio.

I also attended a jazz musicianship program in 2019, where I connected with so many amazing musicians from around the world and learned valuable improvisation and ensemble playing skills.

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If you have any questions or queries about our lessons or want to sign up, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.