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Where will your musical journey take you?

Lessons For All

Music Lessons for All Ages and Abilities

We cater for students of all ages and levels, whether you’re just starting out, want to polish your skills or want to take your playing to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

Term Time

Lesson Times Fit in with School Terms

Keeping a schedule is tricky. Our lessons run alongside the school terms so fit in nicely and also give you a chance for a bit of downtime to recharge the batteries.

Teachers Who Love Music

Tuition from Teachers that Love Music

Our teachers love music, plain and simple. But add to that they fact they all love passing on their knowledge and inspiring others, then we’re on to a winner!

Why we do what we do

We believe that music should be for all. No exceptions. In today’s world, music tuition is sometimes overlooked, but we think it should be a part of every person’s life.

Even if there isn’t a dream of headlining Glastonbury or achieving millions of views on Youtube, learning a musical instrument has numerous benefits to your mental and physical well being. And let’s face it, if we do end up on the Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm, then hey, who’s complaining?


Why we do what we do

Which musical path will you take?

Guitar Lessons

Guitar & Bass

We have some of the best guitar and bass teachers around to guide you on your journey, whether you’re trying to further your skills or a complete beginner, we’ve got your back.

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Drum Lessons


Who doesn’t love the drums? What an instrument to play! We made our name in drums, can you tell? Find out more about this wonderful instrument and how we teach it here.

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Percussion Lessons


The broadest instrument there is. There really are no limits. Anything can be a percussion instrument, you just have to hit it. Learn how to do that and make some music along the way.

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Piano Lessons


Fancy giving those ivories a tinkle? Our piano lessons are structured to get beginners up and running quick sharp. All whilst having fun and learning some key music theory along the way.

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Singing lessons


Yes, the voice is an instrument. Honest! Learn how to use your voice as the best instrument it can be and take your singing further than just you in the shower.

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Kind words from our current students...

David - Testimonial



I have really enjoyed being taught by Anna. She makes the lessons fun and is super enthusiastic. She prepares my lessons well and has been really helpful with my rudiments and tempo.
Maya Testimonial



I’ve improved my guitar techniques, rhythm and picking; but not only that, I’ve gotten a better understanding of my instrument by learning to sight-read and discussing its history with my teacher

I’ve really enjoyed my lessons since I had the freedom to choose the type of music that I want to play and learning how to play those songs.


Davide Marini | Drums & Guitar

Alex Scheurer - Spotlight
Davide Marini is a London-based professional drummer and educator. Originally from Cagliari, Italy, his career as a performer has taken him all around Europe, the UK, India, Bangladesh, and the United States. A graduate of the University of West London (BMus Popular Music Performance, 2012), his playing is the result of in-depth pop music ‘session’ training combined with a lifelong passion for extreme metal and for the more experimental flavors of jazz and improvised music.

As part of his postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music (MSc in Performance Science, 2019) Davide has conducted extensive research into professional drummers’ practices and understanding of body mechanics and ergonomics. His insights into how kinanesthesia and ‘good use’ relate to safe and efficient performance on the Drum set are a key component in his work both as a teacher and as a performer.

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The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Beginner Drum Kit

Perhaps you’re a parent (niggled by the creeping fear that this may have unleashed the slithering hordes of madness into your otherwise peaceful home) or perhaps these are your Very. First. Drums.

If you have any questions or queries about our lessons or want to sign up, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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