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We really do live and breathe music and everyone once in a while we have things going round and round in our head and we just have to get them out… and here they are.

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The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Beginner Drum Kit

The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Beginner Drum Kit

Perhaps you’re a parent (niggled by the creeping fear that this may have unleashed the slithering hordes of madness into your otherwise peaceful home) or perhaps these are your Very. First. Drums.


Sam Keeler | Vocals & Piano

Sam Keeler Singing & Piano Teacher
Sam is a singing and piano teacher from London, currently working as a musical theatre performer across the UK. He kicked off his career at 7 years old, singing on the movie soundtracks for the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films, which led to him working professionally as a classical singer, choral conductor and composer. He transitioned into Musical Theatre after a sold-out run of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and graduating from the MA programme at the RWCMD under a Leverhulme Scholarship. He has taught music at stage schools, cathedral choirs and privately since 2016, and has a comprehensive technical knowledge of almost every singing style, including pop, rock, MT, jazz and classical. Sam is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Bell Music Academy and can’t wait to help you find your unique, authentic voice!

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