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We really do live and breathe music and everyone once in a while we have things going round and round in our head and we just have to get them out… and here they are.

We hope you enjoy.

The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Beginner Drum Kit

The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Beginner Drum Kit

Perhaps you’re a parent (niggled by the creeping fear that this may have unleashed the slithering hordes of madness into your otherwise peaceful home) or perhaps these are your Very. First. Drums.


Enrico Governale | Vocals

Sam Keeler Singing & Piano Teacher
I majored in Professional Musicianship – Vocals at London BIMM Institute. During the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to perform live in various permanent and freelancing roles. Working as a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and voice trainer, I was able to hone my performance and technical skills while working with peers in the industry.

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