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Terms & Conditions

By booking a lesson at the Bell Music Academy the student agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as detailed below.

BMA (Bell Music Academy) – the affiliate name given to the company that is Bell Percussion Ltd 02139373 registered in the UK

Magenta – the place that is 16 Stirling Road, London W3 8DJ, the location of the Studios in which the BMA resides

BMA location – the defined and posted area of 6m x 6m on the 5th Floor of the Magenta Self Storage building

Studios – the two defined teaching spaces for lessons offered by the BMA on the 5th floor of Magenta

Reception – the defined space outside of the Studios and within the boundaries of the BMA


1) Booking lessons – the first lesson, or taster lesson will be arranged by the administrator of the BMA. Following lessons should be booked via direct communication with the BMA teacher at a mutually agreeable date and time. From September 2021, lessons will be sold in 6-week bundles to be used within the half term. Lessons in each pack must be delivered before the beginning of the following half term. For example, in Autumn 2021 the 1st half term is Sept 6th-Oct 17th. Pack of 6 must be used before the next half term begins on Nov 1st.

2) Payment – Pre-payment for each lesson is required on receipt of the invoice, the payment details of which are clearly stated. The BMA regrets that should payment not be received prior to any booked date, the lesson cannot proceed. Each lesson pack is non-refundable.

3) Venue – each lesson will be held at Magenta Self Storage on the 5th Floor or via Zoom.

4) Access procedure – on arrival to Magenta, the student should use the office access to the left front of the building. Once the key code has been entered, the door will automatically open. The toilets are on the right with the lift and stair access on the left. The student should make their way to the 5th floor and to the BMA which is signposted. The student should wait here until called in by the teacher.

5) Lessons – each lesson will be devised and planned by the BMA teacher and will reflect the experience and proficiency of each student. The aim of the BMA is to progress at a pace mutually agreed between the student and teacher leading to goals and achievements agreed at the start.

6) Cancellation/Missed Lessons – a minimum of 24 hours must be given to cancel any lesson. Should the BMA be notified with less than 24 hours’ notice, the lesson will be charged. Should a Student miss a lesson without prior notice, the lesson will be charged.

7) CCTV – each studio and all public spaces are covered by 24hour CCTV.

8) Insurance/DBS – each teacher has been vetted and fully DBS approved. The BMA has its own public liability insurance cover within the boundaries of the BMA location.

9) Personal Items – personal items should not be left unattended and all belongings kept with the owner when not present in the studio. The BMA are not responsible for any items of loss or damage whilst on the premises.

10) Smoking – it is an offence to smoke in a commercial property and therefore within any part of Magenta or the BMA. Each studio has a smoke alarm which will be activated by the detection of smoke.

11) Security – when leaving and entering either Magenta or the BMA, please ensure that the access door for both, closes behind you.

12) Food/Drink – only bottled water is allowed into the BMA.

13) Personal equipment – the BMA will not be held responsible for the use, whether appropriate or inappropriate by the student of any equipment used within the studios. The student agrees that should they wish to use any electronic device within the BMA in combination with the existing building fabric or equipment infrastructure resident within, they do this at their own risk.

14) Parking – there is no student parking available at the BMA during the week between 9-5pm. It is possible to make a request at Magenta reception to use a car space but this is at their discretion. After business hours, students may freely park in the Magenta parking spaces. In addition, street parking is free after 6pm Monday – Friday and at all times during the weekend.

15) Force Majeure – the BMA endeavours to provide a high-quality teaching facility at all times. In the unlikely event that either a specific studio or the Magenta space becomes unusable or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond their control including but not limited to economic change, the BMA will not be liable for any physical or economic loss incurred by such an eventuality.

16) Third-Party assistance – from time to time the BMA and/or teachers from the BMA may be asked to provide additional third-party services on behalf of the student. Such a request will always be accepted as an act of goodwill and the BMA will not be liable for the service quality level in any form by the teacher. The BMA will not be liable or accept any material or financial claim arising from third party activities. The BMA will not be liable or accept any material, financial or physical claim arising from assistance or service given from a representative of the BMA.

17) Amendment of terms – the BMA reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.

If you have any questions or queries about our lessons or want to sign up, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.